Sunday, August 5, 2012

Welcome Baby Olivia!!

We were thrilled to welcome Baby Olivia Ranee Seals into our family on February 13th this year thru the blessing of adoption!  This has been an absolute dream come true for us, and we know that the Lord made this possible in His perfect timing.  He truly knows our hearts.  Although 10 years was a long wait for this amazing blessing, it couldn't have been as perfect at any other time.

We had only been posted online thru LDS Family Services for a couple of months when we received our first email from a birth mom explaining she was due with a baby girl in two weeks!  We were excited and nervous about receiving our first email and quickly replied back with more information about us.  That same night we got a phone call from her case worker stating that plans had changed and that the baby was scheduled to be induced on four days Monday!  Boy did we have some serious discussions with each other and the Lord asking for emergency revelation on if this was the baby that had been waiting to come to our family.  We both received the answer that YES this was our baby!  We borrowed some baby things from friends really quickly and made the 8 hour drive to St George, Utah to meet our birth mom.  We met her for the first time in the hospital Monday morning as she was already in labor.  She and her sisters were sweet enough to let us stay in the room while labor progressed so we could get to know each other a little before the baby was born.  After just a few hours, the baby was born and we got to hold her right away!  She was 7 lbs 13 oz and was 21 inches long and so beautiful!  She is 1/4 Hawaiian and is such a beautiful little thing!  Our birth mom is such an amazing woman and is an awesome mom to her 3 year old daughter.  We know the Lord brought us together and feel like it is the perfect fit for us all.  We are excited about our open adoption and get to chat with our birth family often and get to visit with them as often as we can being a state apart.

 Livy is such a fun and independent little thing.  Of course every mom thinks their child is amazing and ahead of the game, but she seems very alert and inquisitive and wants to know, see, and understand everything!  She will be 6 months in a couple of weeks!  She is learning and growing so fast.  Our hearts are so full of gratitude and love for this little miracle in our lives.  We never knew we could love something so much, she is the light of our lives!!  We are the luckiest, happiest parents of ALL TIME!! 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Already!!

Well, my friends, it's October already! This year has seemed to really fly by, which is fine with me since I am waiting for the long-awaited day when I can be a stay at home mom...someday in the hopefully near future.

We are still stumped on what to be for Halloween. JM wanted to be Sam Flynn and Gem from Tron Legacy, but those costumes would take weeks to make, and we only have a couple to work with before Halloween is here!

So, we are still brainstorming to think of something fun we can throw together!

Thanksgiving is coming up too, my second favorite holiday ever (Christmas is my super fav, Thanksgiving a close second, and both just a month apart!!!). Our adopted brother and sister Matt and Erin and baby Natalie get to come for a visit Thanksgiving week, we can't wait!
Just look at this little cutie!! You'd be excited to see her soon too!

JM Survived his ankle surgery this week. He is doing surprisingly well. He hasn't had any bad reactions to any of his meds like he did with his shoulder surgery last year, and we've kept him on a strict pain med routine so he has hardly felt any pain these last few days. Hoo-rah! My dream come true. It was such a nightmare last time trying to do everything with him in such bad shape. We have been really blessed this time around! He'll be on crutches for about 6 weeks and then in a walking boot another 6 or 8 weeks. Here comes another 6 months of physical therapy! Man!

Ok, and lastly, cutie Jeddy leaves for his mission to Paraguay in just a couple more weeks! We are so proud of him and can't wait for him to begin this amazing two year adventure of service to the Lord. It has been such a joy having him stay with us these last few months, he is such a sweet boy and we just love him to bits! You are going to be a great missionary!! We are going to miss his evening guitar serenades, he is so amazing on that thing! Love you Buddy!

And that's a wrap of things we are looking forward to these next couple of months! We'll try to keep you posted! XOXO

Monday, September 5, 2011

Billy, this one's for you!

Billy!  To answer your question, I did great with my P90x.  At the time it was very challenging for me...dedicating the two+ hours of workouts six days a week with the super strict diet.  I continued with it for just over 30 days, right in time for E3.  I only lost 6 pounds, but felt like my muscles were trimming up.  When we got back from E3, I started the new love of my life, Krav Maga.  It is an Israeli fighting system, street self defense.  I LOVE IT!  I go every day (well six days a week).  I've been training for about three months now, and am in the best shape of my life!  In the Krav studio, I take the Krav Maga class, but also go to their bag classes and core classes as well.  In bag class, my right/crosses are getting stronger and my cardio endurance is getting better.  In Krav we learn things like how to diffuse a fight, how to get out of choke holds of all kinds, how to disarm an attacker with a weapon, and how to defend attacks of all other kinds.  With my background, some of it is a little intimidating for me, but also very empowering.  I love my new strength and confidence in all areas of my life.  In a couple more months, when my two-pack grows into an actual six-pack, I'll have to post a picture for you!  My guns are buff!  We probably do 50 or so push ups every class during warm ups.  I'm getting better every day.  If i ever had the patience to go back to P90x, it would be so slow and simple for me now...Krav kicks my butt!  XOXO  -Naun


Blog friends!  Forgive my blogger slackerness!  Here is a quick summary of the recent summer adventures in La Vida de Seals!  Enjoy!

Adventure #1:  4th of July! 

We made a quick trip to Utah for the 4th to visit our dear friends Erin and Matty and their cutie little angel Natalie.  We miss you guys!!
It was Dex's first long car ride!  From his expression, you can tell he is asking, "Are we there yet!"  Poor little guy was bored out of his mind.  He did great though!

We went to my first rodeo ever!!  How have I not been to one before this, with me wanting to be a cowgirl and all?!  We had the best time!  (<-Matty, Erin, Me, JM, and some random kid)

Me and our new little goddaughter Natalie.  She is a little dream!  We love her!!  Nice work Matty and Erin!  I am the luckiest Auntie ever!

 Adventure #2:  Camping with the Fam! 

JM's dad took us on a camping trip up near Christopher Creek and, of course we had a great time, like always!  We took Dex for the first time, and he LOVED it.  He and Zeus had such a fun time romping around the campsite, pouncing on dragonflies, and campin it up puppy style!  It was fun!  Dad, your hashbrowns are amazing!
How do you like Dex's cutie Sherlock Holmes sweater?!

We love this pup!

Adventure #3:  E3!!
John Michael and Auggie made the finishing touches on their iPhone game Virosassin and released in time for E3!  We had a booth there and worked hard for three days convincing E3-goers to download the free app and play it while they were there at E3.  Somehow JM and Aug convinced me, Melissa, and their cousin Tempest to be their booth babes.  I worked hard with my doubled up P90x routine to be fit enough to wear the outfit!  It was such a fun time, the boys did really great, nice work guys!!  So proud of you!!

The boys created the sweet booth backdrop, made stickers with QR codes, and did great interviews during the show!

Booth Babe?!

Wearing free wigs handed out from another booth!  Silly girls!
The whole gang!  3 days of hard work, but totally worth the experience!  It was amazing to see all of the huge million dollar booths there!  We felt like such little fishies in a big gaming pond!

We met famous people!!  This is us with Zachary Levi from Chuck!!  We love that show!  He was eating lunch beside us in a random hallway of the LA convention center...when he was done eating we walked over and talked to him.  He asked if we wanted a photo with him, and I was squeezing him all up!  He was very sweet with us!

For you gaming nerds, we met Walter Day from King of Kong.

We went to the beautiful beach!!  Miss you beach!

We got to spend a day with Jake, Lace, and the cutie kids!  We all took them to the tidepools for their first time.  They loved it!

Kody and Eden loved that their dad was catching crabs for them.  Kody would say, "Catch me another crab, Dad!"  But then when Jake would bring over the crab, he was too scared to hold it.  At the end when we left, cutie Eden said, "Goodbye Trabs, I love you Trabs!"  It was the sweetest little thing!  I love my cutie niece and nephew! 

 Lastly, on this trip we got to stop by and see my dad and little brother Kev.  It was a short but fun visit!

Good lookin' siblings!!

Adventure #4:  Havasupai!!!

Our good friends Dahr and Dray invited us to go backpacking to the Havasupai falls in the Grand Canyon with them last week.  It was the best backpacking trip ever!!  About 12 miles in and a few miles of hiking around the falls.  We left on a Wednesday night and came back on Sunday evening.  We went thru caves, swam in all the falls, did night swims, had some huge thunder storms, and ate tasty food.  Thanks guys for a fun time guys!

Our adventurous group!  Four more joined us later on!

Dahr and Dray!  Somehow Dray's whole pack got left at home on accident, so we all pooled our clothes and supplies together to cover her.  She didn't have to hike a pack in!  Lucky thing!  She probably didnt think it was very lucky though, because she didnt have any of her things!  An adventure for sure!

The boys when they still had energy in them!

New Navajo Falls!  I did my first cliff jump off of them!  Go me!

Havasu Falls!  The water everywhere was so blue because of all of the lime in the water.  It was so beautiful and so amazing!

Mooney Falls was so amazing!  It is about 200 feet tall and really is majestic!  We had to hike thru two small cave passages and went down about 100 feet of chain to get down to it.  Wow, crazy!  You can't get the feel of how high the falls are from this picture...but if there were people down below, they would be little ants!

Dray and I made apple cobbler (above) using our jet boil!  It was quite the process!

We helecoptered out!  It was JM's first helecopter ride, and it was amazing seeing the grand canyon from above.  We made it!!  BEST TRIP EVER!!

SUMMARY:  Summer was awesome!  We look forward to our next adventures coming up...another camp out or two, friends and family at Thanksgiving and Christmas, a trip to London in April, and our adventure to adoption which is progressing slowly but surely.  We should have our adoption profile up thru LDS Family Services soon, we are adoption certified which feels great!  Hopefully a new little cutie will join our family in the months ahead.  We will keep you posted!!  XOXO  Love and miss you all!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Still Bringing It!

Follow Up Post #1: P90 X Progress
Naunigirl Fans, I am happy to report that I am still bringing it!! P90X has been whipping me into shape! I have been doubling up on work outs and am actually working towards P45X where I will be done in half the time. 60 minute workout in the morning and 60 minute workout in the evening with continued healthy eating. It has been a challenging month, but I look and feel great! If I am brave at the end of my goal, I will have to post a picture. I admit, it is a bit monotonous calorie counting every day, but now that I know what foods approximate in calorie and fat intake, it is easier to eyeball things and not have to actually go in and count the calories, which has been a great benefit to my overall eating habits. I have some carrots waiting for me at the end of my goal: my perfume I have been saving up for, a new swimsuit, and a couple new outfits to flatter my new fit body. Hoo rah, totally worth it! So far I have completed 38 consecutive workouts. Nice work me!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dear Grandma June

Dear Grandma June,

I just wanted to say how awesome you are that you read all of our blogs and facebook pages!! You are Super Grandma, and we sure love how interested you are in our lives. I know I don't always get to updating our blog as often as I'd like, but, just for you, I will try to come up with some fun little blog snacks to keep you coming back!

Here is a poem for you:

Dear Grandma June,
We love you to the moon!
Your wit is quick,
We love your spunk,
In sports we'd say
You're a slam dunk!

Love you lots, and we'll see you soon!

XOXO JM and Naun

Bring It!

Ok, so I have made a new commitment to make May a BRING IT work out month! I have set my work out and diet goals, and will keep them all the way until June and will evaluate my progress. So far I am on day 7 of my plan, and have been doing and feeling great! (Well mostly. The first few days were H-A-R-D! but after I got over the diet adjustment and work out shock, I have been feeling awesome!) I have been doing my P90X workouts every night, and we have been cycling on Saturday mornings as well. I am really bringing it! Super Naun, here I come!!