Sunday, August 17, 2008


OUR FIRST DATE September 3, 2000

Our 7th Anniversary August 17, 2008

JM and I are celebrating our 7th Anniversary today! We are calling it "Lucky Number Seven" because we are still so in love and can't believe we have been married for seven wonderful years. I will admit that I am a bit of a firecracker, but JM has shown such patience and compassion for me all these years, and I work hard every day to make him the happiest man on earth as a thank you. We are best friends and the perfect match. I know the Lord helped me endure a rough journey and rewarded me with JM at the top of the climb! We are both so grateful to a Loving Heavenly Father who guides us in our path to an Eternal Life together. These seven years have been the happiest years of my life...and HERE'S TO A ZILLION MORE!

Part of our anniversary celebration included a VERY fun weekend up in Pine Top with our cousins and friends! We got to go shooting, played games, watched movies, and enjoyed the beautiful and spontaneous rain! It was a blast!

JM shooting Jon's AK-47

Kara shooting our FS 2000

Cute JM and Jon lookin' all tough!

Nauni and Matty

JM shooting clay pigeons with Jon's Shotgun!
He was such a pro!!

Nauni trying out the shotgun! Two shots,
quite enough for my weaksauce shoulder!

JM so cute enjoying his FS2000!

The whole gang!!

The ladies!

Silly Nauni and Meliss

All of us at the end of a sweet trip!!
Thanks guys!!


Carly & Tyler said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!! 7 Years! Honestly where does the time go??? Hey, are you guys going to be up this weekend for Joe?? Let me know!

August and Melissa said...

Congrats! JM looks soooo young and different in that first pic! Thanks for the wonderful weekend- it was a blast! We gotta do it again soon!

jon & kara said...

It was so fun hanging out at the cabin, hopefully we can go up again soon. You should come join in on the sewing parties. And Happy Anniversary you two seem like newlyweds still!

Rick and Janae said...

Nauni? Is it really you? I just found Sarah's blog and there you were on the side bar. I miss you! You were always so hot in those overalls, I totally remember you first few dates with JM, time really flies, 7 years, wow. Hope all is well and now from now on I will be blog stalking you.