Friday, August 29, 2008

Welcome Home Faithful Brothers!!!!

Our brothers have returned with honor from their challenging but rewarding missions in Central and South America! Nauni's brother Joe served in the Asuncion, Paraguay Mission and JM's brother Christopher served in the Tegucigalpa, Honduras Mission! It was so special to have them both return within four days of each other! Wow, those Spanish speaking, funny boys sure are a hoot! It has been really fun listening to their stories and fond memories of their humble experiences! When Christopher stepped into his room for the first time in two years, he just laid on the floor and exclaimed how much he loves carpet and how much he missed it! It was really funny. Joe is cute as he tries to remember English. He usually forgets a word or two every couple of sentences. We love to hear him pray in Spanish. We already got to hear Joe speak in his home ward in California the weekend he came home. His talk was one of the most humble and Spirit-driven talks I have ever heard. I am so proud of the man he has become. His testimony really rocks, and it is so special to hear him bear it in Spanish! I don't think he can even do it in English! We love our brothers and are so glad to have them back at home with us!

We got to pick up Christopher at the airport!
Look at how happy Mom is!!

JM was so excited to see his little bro!!

Nauni and Meliss excitedly wait for Chris
at the Airport!!

Silly JM!! I love you honey bee!!

We traveled out to CA to see Joe the day he got home!
We played at the park and went to the beach on Saturday!

Kody is so stinkin' cute, drool and all!!

Joe has sweet futbol skills!!

Jed got a part time job as a clown...ha ha just teasing, he and Chris got their heads shaved, and look very handsome! This was half way thru Jed's hair cut!

Our Good Lookin' Brothers!!!

Nauni with Carly and Makena! I miss you guys!!

Chris and Joe Joe! Thanks for the sweet
Honduran and Paraguayan gifts!
We love them!!!!!

Joe playing beautiful guitar
and singing "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" Guarani!


gary and julie said...

I'm sad we didnt get to see you, maybe next time. I can't believe it's been 7 years, that's so crazy! Well congrats to you!

Jeanette said...

Hi Nauni, We got on your blog through the Failings, and so enjoyed seeing Joe again and hearing him sing- I never knew he had so much talent. Jed's haircut is radical. Welcome back Joe. Love The Kaysers

Fealyclan said...

Hello, Sister Seals! This is Misty Fealy (Crandall). I don't know if you remember me/us from the Oak Hills ward. I was checking out the Failings blog and noticed you on here. So, I thought I 'd say hello. Tell Joe congrats, even if he doesn't remember me. He was once in my Valiant 11/12 primary how time flies...and my my that Jed, still clownin'! he he he.You look great! It's fun to see familiar faces. How is your family?

Jeremy, Natalie, and Asia said...

Hey, Nauni! I'm glad you found me! I think the Kaysers found you through my blog which led to the Whitings who has the link to your blog. I find poeple that way a lot. How are you doing? You guys seem really happy and it's good to see your brother back! Keep in touch!

Fealyclan said...

So, Nauni
Laynah always believed that she would marry that Jed boy (shhhhh! don't tel 'em I said that :o])
Anyways, she wants to know if he has a myspace?


Hey Nauni!!! I found you through julie's blog. Hope you are doing well. You are are still as pretty as ever.

Johnson's said...

How are you? Don't you love blogging? That way you can stay in contact with people. I Remember running into you at Costco in Orem, Utah and we where going to get together but I lost your number. So when did you move away from Utah? Do you live Arizona? Is your mom there? How is your family doing?

Take care
Brandee Johnson (Boren)

Grandma J said...

Nauni-girl, it is I, Sister J! Surprise!!! So glad to see you so happy and well. Still singing I hope? Love you girl.

Karl & Leslie said...

Hey nauni,
It's Leslie(Moore)Torgerson:)
I found you through Gary and juilie's blog it nice to see you. congrats on the 7 years thats awesome! Keep in touch