Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yes, we are indeed the camping masters. Our most recent event was with cousins August and Melissa. We camped at one of our regular spots up near Pine past Strawberry, AZ. The weather was awesome! We set up camp late and Meliss and I tried our hand at cobbler in the dutch oven!
Ok, so we're not exactly dutch oven extraordinaires yet, but with practice, we'll be able to make it without burning it! What was salvageable in the middle was tasty. Thanks Mom for the dutch oven, it is beautiful!

The next morning we had my famous camping breakfast: bacon, eggs, and cinnamon bread french toast! Mmmmm! And later on Melissa and I made the best foil dinners! Magnifique!

The boys had a blast beating eachother over and over at Race for the Galaxy:

John Michael Winning

Aug Losing...

Aug Winning!

And....John Michael Losing!

Naun & Meliss

The End!

Thanks guys, it was fun!!!


Three's Company said...

You're so cute Naun! Jake won't take me camping cause he says I'm not the camping type. I'm still trying to convince him! Can't wait to see you guys soon! Love you!

Kiss Kiss said...

I love camping! Too bad it snowed today and that means camping won't be for a longggg time!

Lara and Jon said...

Hey Nauni!! I'm sending out Christmas cards and would love to send one to you guys. Can you e-mail me your address???

gary and julie said...

I wish we went camping every once in a while, it looks so fun! I'm jealous.. maybe in the summer.