Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thanksgiving was a blast!

Ok, sorry I haven't updated our blog in a while! We've been so swamped!!

Thanks giving was a blast! We were blessed enough to have my whole family over during the holiday week (25 people!). We ate lots of yummy food, played games, told funny stories, and loved being together. The Lord sure loves us all so much, we're so lucky to be such a fun family! Also, we were all there to see little Chanel get blessed! She is so beautiful!

Chef Nauni, I had lots of cooking help! Thanks assistant chefs!!!

Everyone Chowin Down! I was so nervous it would rain, but we managed to stay dry while eating our fabulous feast!

A kid's party in our room! No parents allowed (no parents over 40 anyways!)

Good lookin' siblings!!

The whole Thanksgiving crew! Thanks guys!

Flex boys, flex those muscles!!!

What cute girls!!

The Sun Devils game with Jes, Tony, Jake, Lacey, Joe & date, Jed & date, and Brian & date. We had such a fun night!! Thanks Tony!

Little Chanel got blessed this weekend! She is so beautiful, just like her momma!!

Thank you to all of my family who love me so much and who are patient with me. With such a crazy childhood, it is sometimes hard for me to understand family relationships. The Lord will continue to bless me and grow me and one day I will be more like our Savior. I love our big family and am so blessed to be a part of it! Thank you for coming down for Thanksgiving everyone, it was the best Thanksgiving ever!!!


The Marshpeople said...

Naun-You are too sweet!! Looks like you guys have been a bit busy :) 25 people for are crazy!! It looks like fun though. Maybe someday we'll come visit you at your house. That would be fun! Or I can take a trip alone and have a girl's weekend!! What do you think? Love, love you!

Jeremy, Natalie, and Asia said...

Great family pics, Nauni! Your little niece is SOOO adorable!