Wednesday, December 31, 2008

You'll Shoot Yer Eye Out!

As an early Christmas gift, JM and I bought a "combined" gift for the both of us. I felt like little Ralphie from the movie A Christmas Story when he gets his Red Ryder BB Gun...only ten times cooler! We got a new Benelli Nova Pump Action 12 gague shot gun! Whew, is she a beaut!!! We've already taken it out skeet shooting!

Go Naun! Make those skeets beg for mercy!!

JM has perfect aim! He never misses!

We went with our friends Logan and April. Their little Gatlin had his own ear protection, it was so cute!

Thanks for a fun day guys, we love the new addition to our collection! She's beautiful!!

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jon & kara said...

Pretty new gun! Looks like a fun time shooting. We will have to take a trip to check it out. You guys always buy fun guns.