Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We Rocked that Ride!!

Our Solvang trip was so AWESOME!!!

We loved every minute of it! We left on Friday morning from Chandler and drove out to meet Nana and Papa who were already in Solvang. We helped as volunteers and registered riders for the Century (100 miles) and Half Century (50 miles) until 10:00 pm. It was fun to see all the excited cyclists pour into town. There were over 5,000 riders!

On Saturday morning, we set out on the Half Century course, and boy, was it beautiful!! The weather was super chilly (in the 40's and 50's) and overcast, but we didn't let it get us down! Everything was GREEN (huge contrast to AZ!!)! The terrain was moderate, but very hilly. There were three "King Kongs" that were super tough to get up (two were one after the other! So killer!). Also, my bad knee started giving me trouble 16 miles into the 50 mile ride! Shoot! I was committed to finishing that thing even if it meant I would be pedaling one legged the whole way...which is basically what ended up happening! There were roving sag vehicles that would have picked me up and taken me back into town if I really wanted...but NO WAY! We wanted to rock that ride...and we SO DID!!! JM rode the whole thing like a champ! Our Solvang jerseys and jackets were extra cool! Thanks Pops!!

Some of the highlights of the weekend included:

Hanging out with Nana and Papa the whole weekend!!

Enjoying famous Danish Abelskivers! A Solvang must!!

Eating Tasty Mexican Food at Nana and Papa's favorite spot!

Touring around Solvang, checking out the little danish shops!

(Sorry Jed and Phil, they didn't have any spinny nerd hats this time!)

And Rockin' the Ride of Course!!! It was such a fun ride!

Nauni at the starting line!

JM and me at the sag stop half way through! Yummy PB&J's and bananas!

The beautiful, GREEN, rolling-hills countryside!!

JM and me at the finish line! We made it in one piece!

Nauni's Post-Ride Review

Thanks Papa and Nana for such a fun weekend! We had the best time ever!! We'll be training now for the full Century! We can't wait!!

We love you guys!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Solvang, here we come!!!

JM and I have been training for a 50 mile bike ride that we're signed up for that happens this weekend! We are VERY excited!!

We've been trying to ride a few times a week for the past few months to get into enough shape for the Solvang ride. The best part about the ride is mostly the nostalgia that goes with it! Papa and Nana have been working the ride since I was little and I have helped many times. It is a fun and memorable tradition. I even got to "ride" 25 miles of it once with Nana and Pops when I was about 8! Papa said I did well for being so young! Now, the ride this Saturday is actually the Solvang Century, which is 100 miles! But since it is our first ride, JM and I thought it would be best to only try to tackle the 50 mile route!

We can't wait to put our training to the test and to enjoy the beautiful California countryside! Also, we are excited to hang out with Nana and Papa for the whole weekend! See you in a couple of days guys!! XOXO

I'll post some fun pics for sure so you can all enjoy!

Go Pink Lightning!!

Matty and Erin Came for a Visit!!

We loved having Matty and Erin down for a visit a couple of weeks ago! Unfortunately we had to work every day they were here, but we had fun hanging out every evening! Smarty Melissa was the only one who took pictures while they were down, so thanks for the stolen pic Meliss!!

This is all of us (minus Aug who is taking the picture) playing at the arcade while waiting for our turn to bowl! We had so much fun! :)

Thanks for the visit guys! We miss you!! Glad you could warm up your bones here in sunny AZ!!