Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gonna Party Like its Ya Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Nauni and John Michael!!!

We LOVE April! It is such a fun, Springgy, Birthday-ish month! We've got lots of family birthdays in April, and it is so fun celebrating all month long!

Nauni's Birthday was during conference weekend, so we enjoyed watching all the sessions of conference! We LOVE conference! We were so touched and inspired! Mom and Dad Seals made birthday steak dinner and killer chocolate birthday pie (for all of us spring chickens)! Mmmmm!!! I straightened my hair for the special event, just for fun! Jes & Tony sent me a birthday fruit boquet at work (wink, wink) and my family sung me birthday songs all day! JM got me the best Juicy Couture perfume, Viva la Juicy. It is THE BEST!!!!! Thanks Love!!

The Birthday Girl!

JM playing birthday San Juan!


Next it was JM's birthday the following Friday! Happy Birthday Baby! I love you so much!
This year was a little nervewracking for JM. Turning 30 is probably the least favorite thing that has happened to him this year! Honey, you are so super handsome, and I can't wait to celebrate another 30 birthdays with you!!

JM had to work on his birthday! (I guess he doesn't know the rule where you don't have to work on your birthday!) JM's family and I took him out to dinner at T.G.I. Fridays. It was tasty. I gave JM the XBOX 360 game Resident Evil 5 which he has been wanting (so he could play with Benny when he comes to visit)! Later that night I surprised him with the complete series of Halo novels! Boy was he surprised! (Thank goodness, because I always find a way to spill my surprises...I'm so nutty sometimes!!) He loves them! He wants me to read to him before bed (trying to re-capture your youth honey bee? Ha, ha, just teasing!)

Chris and the Birthday Boy at T.G.I. Fridays! Woot Woot!


Thanks everyone for our fun birthday celebrating, birthday money, birthday cards, birthday treats, and birthday singing!!! We loved it!! XOXOX


August and Melissa said...

Nauni! You should straigten your hair EVERYDAY!!!! It looks so beautiful. I love it!!!!

Bredsguard Fam said...

I love your hair straight! It's gorgeous! We miss you guys. Glad you had good birthdays.