Friday, April 24, 2009

Our B.F.F.'s from North Carolina!!!

We had THE BEST staycation ever last week!! Our B.F.F.'s Ben and Julie Burgess and their sweet kids Kate and Josh came for a week-long visit from North Carolina! Woa! Quite the travel!

We packed every day with as much fun as we could! We made a list of all the things we wanted to do while they were here and then we just went out and did them!! Some of the highlights included:

  • Hanging out and laughing up a storm with Katelyn!
  • Making funny faces with Josh!
  • Shopping with Julie!
  • Going to see Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3D!
  • Going to the Phoenix Zoo!
  • The Boys beating Resident Evil 5 on the XBOX 360!
  • Eating at Texas Roadhouse, our favorite!
  • Hot tubbing!
  • Playing board and card games! (JM taught Benny how to play Race for the Galaxy, now Benny's a pro too!)
  • Baking chocolate chip cookies!
  • Eating lots of other tasty food!! Jewels, your shredded pork burritos rocked!!!
  • Going to a fun park called Discovery Island
  • Hanging out with Aug & Meliss
  • Making awesome, new, country curtains for my kitchen with Julie! Thanks Jewels, I love them!!!!!
  • The boys having a guys day out: shooting and NASCAR!!
Here are a bazillion pics we took of this BEST STAYCATION EVER!!

JM and little Katelyn! We love you darlin'!!!

Cutie little Joshua! He's so funny when he does his scrunchy nose face!

JM and Kate feeding the ducks "at" Discovery Island. We never actually made it to the real Discovery Island because Kate was having so much fun feeding ducks and playing on the park toys!

JM teaching Kate how to chase birds, they're cute! Kate was shy around the pigeons at first, but after watching JM chase them, she loved chasing them too!

JM and Kate at the beginning of our Phoenix Zoo trip! Super cute!! They were buddies all week!

Our sweet Zoo picnic! Thanks Jewels, it was super tasty!

JM and Nauni enjoying the Zoo!! This is a cute one!!!

I have a better one of the tiger, but this one is funny because JM kept making this one grunty-screechy noice to get the zoo animals to look at him, and he got the tiger to look right at him!!

Benny photo bombing us!!!

The Burgess family at the Giraffe habitat


Zoo Gang!!

Katelyn as a birdie!

Zoo Review! With a special lesson on the perfect animal call by JM!

JM, Benny and Auggie at NASCAR!

The boys listening to the NASCAR scanner for the race details!!

NASCAR at night! Look at that smile! The boys had such a good time!

Naun and Jewels sewing curtains!!

(I have one more pic of me and Jewels at the end of the week that I want to put up with these...JM needs to take it off the camera!)

Thanks Benny and Jewels for such a fun week!! We had the best time and already miss you! We love you guys! XOXOXOXOX!!!


Bredsguard Fam said...

Looks like so much fun! Ben and Julie's kids are so cute!

Adam said...

wow just checked out your blog, you guys are super cute. That's so fun that you were able to have Ben and Julie come out! We miss the awesome halo nights with you guys....

Adam said...

...oops i used Adams account .. comment was actually Me
LIZ Forsloff