Sunday, November 15, 2009

Once an Eagle Scout, always an Eagle Scout!!

My handsome eagle scout is enjoying his new calling as Deacon's Quorum Advisor and Assistant Scout Master. He gets to go with the boys on a campout at least once a month! Lucky!!! I keep telling him he is going to get his fill of camping and won't want to take me anymore...maybe I'll secretly stow away on their next trip!

This weeked he went with the boys on an overnight backpacking trip to the "Coke Ovens" down south by Coolidge somewhere. I thought they were some sort of natural rock formation or something until he brought these pictures home. They are some sort of really cool, man-made stone ovens that the early settlers used to smelt down metal ore during the mining days! Wow, super neat. Maybe JM will take me down there sometime! The ovens were big enough that all the leaders and boys could lay out and sleep inside of one, which was serendipitous considering the freakish, atypical, Arizona rain they got!

Self photo shot!

The Coke Ovens! Wow, so random, but super cool!! Who knew they were out there in the middle of the desert!!

JM with his boys! Aren't they so cute!! They look tired with their heavy packs!!

Playing in the mud!

JM introduced Geo-Caching to all the boys and leaders! It was the boy's first time trying it out, and they LOVED it! They were lucky enough to find all four of the caches they set out to find! What a fun activity! Seriously, it is such a good time! JM enjoyed teaching the boys how!

The beautiful desert after the rain! We are so blessed!!

Honey, I am so proud of your gentle leadership and example to the boys. Way to be an Eagle Scout! I am excited to have you pass on your determination and knowledge on to our future sons (and daughters!). XOXO Love you.

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August and Melissa said...

Hey I know that other leader and the boy standing next to JM- He's an Olsen! Too funny- love that old ward. I'm glad he's having fun. Those pics are awesome!