Thursday, October 14, 2010

Endless Foto!!

A few weeks ago, our friends the Graham's from our ward booked us for a photo shoot at a nearby farm! We had a good time practicing our best model poses! Garrett touched up the photos and made us look great! I did my hair straight by special request from the Grahams. Here are some of our favs from the day! (The following photos by

Were we made for each other or what?!! Love you honey!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Car Accident, Shoulder Surgery, and Water Leak

Wow! It has been an interesting week for us! Last week JM was rear-ended in our new car. It was not very bad, but it has been a pain getting our car to the shop and dealing with the insurance company and rental car. We should have our black beauty back Monday or Tuesday...hopefully!

Then, later in the week, JM dislocated his shoulder while golfing. He slipped down a muddy hill and his shoulder was pulled out of socket as he tried to catch his fall with his arm. Poor guy! You know him...he is a very smooth-sailing, nothing-really-bothers-me kind of has been a little unnerving seeing him in pain and out of sorts. He has surgery on Thursday. The doc says he should be good as new after a 6 month recovery. When the doc was saying that, all I heard was, "your sweet wife will be bathing you, taking over your chores, and will be mowing the lawn for the next six months..." Ha ha. Just teasing. Mostly.

I scrubbed the heck out of these, his favorite shorts, to get the mud out!

Then, as discovered while doing laundry, somehow the upstairs laundry room is leaking water into the downstairs thru the floor/ceiling. Luckily, the space below the laundry room is the the water damage wasn't as bad as it could have been. I was lucky enough to be taking the trash out (through the garage) at just the right time to see a small stream of water coming down from overhead in the garage and turned the water off right away. Warranty plumbers made a service call and said they couldnt find a leak...after tearing a square of drywall out of the garage ceiling. So, I must be nuts and must have imagined the leaking water and drywall damage I found that day! Right! So, I am on the watch for a leaky washing machine every load from now on I guess. Nice!

Despite these three little mishaps this week, JM and I are doing well and Heavenly Father always blesses us so much! Everything could have been way worse!! I suppose it is fun to have a little excitement going on. Just wish this kind of excitement didn't cost so much! PB&J's for a while!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Auntie Nauni

It was the absolute BEST time having Jake, Lace, Kody and Eden stay during the fun wedding/graduation week here in AZ! It was so fun to wake up to Kody and Eden's smiling faces and have Lacey here to hang out with!! Jake got to spend some sweet time with us too, even though he had to go back to CA to work for a couple of days in between events!! I was bummed that I had to work every day while they were here, but it was still fun like a vacation having them!!! I love being Auntie Nauni, and I have the natural desire to spoil handsome little Kody and sweet little Eden girl!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!! Thanks for being so awesome Jake and Lace!

Kody loved this spongy-disc-shooting gun!!

Kody was a Wiz on that i-phone!! Uncle JM was extremely proud!!!


Class of 2010!!

CONGRATULATIONS Daniela and Jeddy on your High School Graduation!!! I can't believe you're both out of High School now! Time sure has flown!! We are so proud of you both and know that the Lord has a special plan for you as you start this new chapter of your lives! Always choose the right, no matter what age you are, and WE LOVE YOU!!! XOXOXO

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mawaige Bwings us Togeva!!

HAPPY WEDDING JOE AND MEAG!!!! It was so neat to see Joe and Meag get sealed together for time and eternity in the Mesa Temple! Joe was so handsome, and Meag was like a beautiful princess! It was the best having Jake, Lacey, Kody, and Eden stay with us for the week!!! We had the best time ever!! These two little cuties got a real taste of Auntie Nauni!! Yip Yip!!


Squeeze Easter in There!

Easter was fun too! We got to visit with both families in between conference sessions! It was the best!!

Fossil Creek Hike!!

We recently joined the Arizona Backpacker's Club and went on our first hike with them to Fossil Creek! It was absolutely amazing!! We love the outdoors, and the Fossil Creek trail showed us a beautiful view of the deserty canyon and then the green, mossy, fossil-y creek itself!! The waterfall at the end was so beautiful, we almost forgot we were in dusty ol' Arizona! It was a fun, 8 miler and was worth stumbling through the loose rock on the rapid descent!! Enjoy the pics!

P.S. Do you like my straight hair?!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Vegas Vacation!!

We had the most fun Vegas vacation with our friends Erin and Matty from Utah!! It was a follow up birthday celebration since all four of our birthdays are close. We stayed at the beautiful and luxurious Trump Hotel (which was cool because it does not have a casino attached, so we didn't have to walk thru smoke to get to our room!) We enjoyed shopping at the mall right across the street, relaxing at the pool, tasty breakfast in our room, dessert at the top of the Eiffel Tower to continue Erin's birthday tradition, and seeing Mystere -one of the Cirq De Soleil shows! We had so much fun and got the much needed relaxation that we went there looking for!! Thanks guys!! XOXO

Woot Woot!