Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yes, Thanksgiving and Christmas Happened!

Dear Seals fans (the few of you that are out there)!

I apologize for the lack of recent posts. I have been a bit overwhelmed with....EVERYTHING!

But I love and appreciate you all so much. For Thanksgiving, we had our dear friends Matt and Erin down to visit from Utah and we had an absolute blast! Thanks for the fun guys, we miss you!!! For Christmas we had the family over for a Christmas sleep-over Christmas Eve. It was quite the hootenanny!! Glad we could have you guys, we had a super fun Christmas and are blessed that you live so close!!!!! Love you guys!!

Here are some fun photos from Thanksgiving and Christmas! Enjoy!!


Nauni & JM Thanksgiving Morning

Nauni and Erin's awesome turkey!

Erin and Matty at the golf course!

Erin and Nauni


JM and Nauni at Stonecreek Christmas Party

Our Huge Christmas Tree! Thanks Grandma June!!

Daniela and Phil!

Joe and Meagan (we love you!!)

Three sisters!!

Joe's rad Transformers Halloween Costume and Jed's sweet Footie Pajamas!

Kayli and Phil blindfolded on Christmas morning

Nauni making Christmas breakfast...MMMmmmmm!!

JM and Daniela! Happy Christmas Faces!

Thanks everyone for such fun holidays!! We are so blessed to have the best family and friends of ALL TIME!!! WE LOVE YOU!! XOXO


Jenny and Jared said...

I am glad to see there is a new post today! I miss you guys to, and I still regret not spending enough time with you guys, it was just so hard to get over there. I need some man dates and JM would be perfect for those.

The Dotter Family said...

I just miss you to death nauni! It is good to see how well you and your hubby are doing! I do read your blog so keep updating when you have a chance:) Luv you