Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We Haz a Puppy!

Seals Fans! I sure apologize for the serious lack of posts! I will pop a few pics of our latest adventures in a bit.

We've had a new addition to our household of late. Little Dexter, our Italian Greyhound puppy is an absolute joy and we're finally glad to hear the pitter patter of little feet running around here...not exactly the kind of pitter patter we pictured, but fun just the same!

Here's a pic of his first day home!

Don't you just love his sweater! We've had a good time getting better conditioned as puppy parents. It is really good practice for real kids, I'm not kidding. We've had our fair share of patience-making moments. He is JM's little buddy, and he's the perfect fit for us!! He has been learning to be a good boy at obedience class and loves "boxing" with the other puppies. We've been taking him to a dog park in town, and he LOVES running around. Italian Greyhounds can run up to 25-30 MPH, so the park is the perfect place for him to get his runnin' groove on! He has his shy moments around big dogs, but also has his brave moments where he bats those big dogs in the face with his long lanky arms and he gets a little surprised when they shove him back. Ha ha, cute little buddy.

JM's dad said he looks like Dobby on Harry Potter, and we agree! He's so funny. We call him "the dobby" now instead of "the puppy." He he, we are a hoot!

Thought I'd at least get a post about little Dex up here, so now when he does something really amazing, or naughty, I can blog about it! XOXO Naun


Bredsguard Fam said...

Cute puppy Naun. Glad to see a new post. :) Love you & miss you!

Lauri L. Egan said...

We luvs that pup!!

Great St. Patrick's Day dinner and fun! Thanks for all you do to make our holidays memorable!!

Love you lots! xoxoxo