Saturday, May 28, 2011

Still Bringing It!

Follow Up Post #1: P90 X Progress
Naunigirl Fans, I am happy to report that I am still bringing it!! P90X has been whipping me into shape! I have been doubling up on work outs and am actually working towards P45X where I will be done in half the time. 60 minute workout in the morning and 60 minute workout in the evening with continued healthy eating. It has been a challenging month, but I look and feel great! If I am brave at the end of my goal, I will have to post a picture. I admit, it is a bit monotonous calorie counting every day, but now that I know what foods approximate in calorie and fat intake, it is easier to eyeball things and not have to actually go in and count the calories, which has been a great benefit to my overall eating habits. I have some carrots waiting for me at the end of my goal: my perfume I have been saving up for, a new swimsuit, and a couple new outfits to flatter my new fit body. Hoo rah, totally worth it! So far I have completed 38 consecutive workouts. Nice work me!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dear Grandma June

Dear Grandma June,

I just wanted to say how awesome you are that you read all of our blogs and facebook pages!! You are Super Grandma, and we sure love how interested you are in our lives. I know I don't always get to updating our blog as often as I'd like, but, just for you, I will try to come up with some fun little blog snacks to keep you coming back!

Here is a poem for you:

Dear Grandma June,
We love you to the moon!
Your wit is quick,
We love your spunk,
In sports we'd say
You're a slam dunk!

Love you lots, and we'll see you soon!

XOXO JM and Naun

Bring It!

Ok, so I have made a new commitment to make May a BRING IT work out month! I have set my work out and diet goals, and will keep them all the way until June and will evaluate my progress. So far I am on day 7 of my plan, and have been doing and feeling great! (Well mostly. The first few days were H-A-R-D! but after I got over the diet adjustment and work out shock, I have been feeling awesome!) I have been doing my P90X workouts every night, and we have been cycling on Saturday mornings as well. I am really bringing it! Super Naun, here I come!!