Saturday, May 28, 2011

Still Bringing It!

Follow Up Post #1: P90 X Progress
Naunigirl Fans, I am happy to report that I am still bringing it!! P90X has been whipping me into shape! I have been doubling up on work outs and am actually working towards P45X where I will be done in half the time. 60 minute workout in the morning and 60 minute workout in the evening with continued healthy eating. It has been a challenging month, but I look and feel great! If I am brave at the end of my goal, I will have to post a picture. I admit, it is a bit monotonous calorie counting every day, but now that I know what foods approximate in calorie and fat intake, it is easier to eyeball things and not have to actually go in and count the calories, which has been a great benefit to my overall eating habits. I have some carrots waiting for me at the end of my goal: my perfume I have been saving up for, a new swimsuit, and a couple new outfits to flatter my new fit body. Hoo rah, totally worth it! So far I have completed 38 consecutive workouts. Nice work me!


August and Melissa said...

I'm impressed and Nauni you look AMAZING!!! Keep it up- I want you to be my inspiration to whip my body back into shape after this next baby!!

Bredsguard Fam said...

Way to go Naun!

Jenny and Jared said...

So here it is at the end of July. How was your goal? Did you stick with it? How was the diet? I have been doing paleo/caveman diet for 2 weeks and have lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks. Thats on top of doing Crossfit 5-6 days a week and already lost 22 before I started the diet. No need to count calories, just have to avoid certain foods and you can eat all you want of the allowed foods. No dairy, no grains of any kind, no beans, no carbs other than veggies, no sugar other than natural sugar in fruits. Thats the main donts. So you CAN eat all the meat you want, eggs, fruits veggies and nuts. So there is pleanty you can do with meat and veggies.