Monday, September 5, 2011

Billy, this one's for you!

Billy!  To answer your question, I did great with my P90x.  At the time it was very challenging for me...dedicating the two+ hours of workouts six days a week with the super strict diet.  I continued with it for just over 30 days, right in time for E3.  I only lost 6 pounds, but felt like my muscles were trimming up.  When we got back from E3, I started the new love of my life, Krav Maga.  It is an Israeli fighting system, street self defense.  I LOVE IT!  I go every day (well six days a week).  I've been training for about three months now, and am in the best shape of my life!  In the Krav studio, I take the Krav Maga class, but also go to their bag classes and core classes as well.  In bag class, my right/crosses are getting stronger and my cardio endurance is getting better.  In Krav we learn things like how to diffuse a fight, how to get out of choke holds of all kinds, how to disarm an attacker with a weapon, and how to defend attacks of all other kinds.  With my background, some of it is a little intimidating for me, but also very empowering.  I love my new strength and confidence in all areas of my life.  In a couple more months, when my two-pack grows into an actual six-pack, I'll have to post a picture for you!  My guns are buff!  We probably do 50 or so push ups every class during warm ups.  I'm getting better every day.  If i ever had the patience to go back to P90x, it would be so slow and simple for me now...Krav kicks my butt!  XOXO  -Naun

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Jenny and Jared said...

Thanks for the post Nauni! I love that you love going to a kind of class like this. I have work buddies that try p90X or INsanity, while they are great and by far better than doing nothing...they think their routine is amazing and far superior than my Crossfit classes. I think most of it is whn I say my workout was completed in 21 minutes or 15 minutes, that is not counting a major warm up like you said, often doing 50 pushups, lunges, situps....before the "workout" actually starts. They think as long as they go for a hour compared to my 20 minutes, its a harder program. But not once have any of them agreed to come to my class just once to try it out for themselves. I am down 41 pounds since starting and my strength is massive. Theres nothing like getting 485 on a deadlift, 185 on snatch...but being able to keep up with the amazing guys and keep it close in reps and time. I still hate the running parts. Nothing worse than doing 30 pull ups, 30 20# wallballs, 30 sit ups and 120 jump ropes to go run as fast as you can 1/4 mile and do it all over again and 3 or 4 or 5 rounds. It is different every day, on day is the same. COnstant muscle confusion. I'd love to tal to you about this one day.